Typically the Society holds three major events each year.

  • The Annual Conference is held in late January or early February with eminent speakers from both the local and national scene. It provides the opportunity of keeping up to date with changes in the industry with an eye to the practical implications and also provides a forum for research workers to review and discuss their current work.

  • The Summer Meeting, usually consists of visits to farms, commercial units or research stations and takes place in early May.

  • The Autumn Meeting may be either a farm walk or mini-conference and usually takes place in September or October. 


Mark Blelock (Crumlin) speaking to UGS members during a visit to his farm


At both Summer and Autumn Meetings there is the opportunity to see at first hand how farmers are incorporating the latest technological changes into their grassland systems.


Ulster Grassland Society Celebrates its Golden Jubilee

The Ulster Grassland celebrated its Golden Jubilee Year with two significant Events during 2009:

  1. The first was a Jubilee Dinner for Past Presidents, the Executive Committe and other members who had made a huge contribution to the activities of  the Society over the years.  To view details of the Presidents Jubilee Dinner please see the Event Review.

  2. A Golden Jubilee Banquet for all UGS members at the RUAS Balmoral Conference Centre on Thursday 26 November 2009, fifty years to the day after the inaugural meeting of the Society. To view details of the Jubilee Dinner please see the Event Review.


List of UGS Presidents 

Over the past 50 years 23 of the Presidents were farmers, 11 scientists, 8 industry representatives, 6 DARD officials and 2 bank officials.  
To view the up to date list of Presidents click here.  


Upcoming Events

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